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I’m Zack Perl. A Director & Photographer working and living in Jersey City.


I founded thebacyard studio in 2014 while living in the heart of New York City. My close friend and fellow entrepreneur JD Recobs was just starting his Whiskey Company (misunderstood whiskey) and we needed a place with space so we locked down a unique apartment in Alphabet City with a one of a kind backyard. The space gave us the ability to host parties, cater networking events, hold fundraisers but most importantly, it allowed us to work on our craft.

I started taking photos and shooting videos in the space. Everything changed after that. I was consumed with thought of doing this full time. I wanted a dedicated space a roster of interesting clients Today I have all of that and couldn’t be more grateful


Thebacyard Studio
340 Third Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302